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Wellness Wednesday – Rose Hips


When we visited my parents in Collingwood a few weeks ago, I noticed their property is hedged with rosebushes that are absolutely covered in rose hips!  Also known as rose haws, these bright red or orange fruits are essentially like the “apple” of a rose as both are in the same botanical family.  High in Vitamin C, these tangy fruits combine well with Hibiscus and have been used as a source of food and medicine for centuries.  I’ve personally used rose hips in herbal teas or reduced into jellies but they can also be made into syrup, oils, other preserves.  The rose haws aren’t ripe yet, harvesting is best later in the fall after some cold nights and a bit of frost, but it doesn’t hurt to start thinking about some preserving plans now.

See the resources below for some more great ways to use foraged rose hips…

Foraging for Rose Hips | Scotch Hedgerow Jelly | Preserving the Vitamin C in Rose Hips | Rose Hip Vinegar | Rose Hip & Apple Jelly | PunkDomestics – Rose Hips | Seasonal Spotlight: Rose Hips

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