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Wellness Wednesday – Healthy Holiday Goals



As I briefly touched on yesterday:

I’ve been doing yoga daily at Karma Teachers yoga collective in the downtown eastside, where there truly is a Karma Revolution happening!  This is hands down the most welcoming, loving and genuinely special yoga space I have ever been in and one of the most incredible communities I’ve ever encountered.  I set myself a holiday wellness goal to do yoga every day for a week and cut sugar out of my diet!  I succeeded at the yoga, and almost with the sugar (but I ate a piece of candycane bark on Christmas, eep!) which were both significant accomplishments for me.


I feel like I am heading into battle every day as I struggle to live with mental illness. Learning the practice of mindfulness and breathing, through yoga, has helped me more than any psychiatric program or therapist ever has.  Karma Teachers yoga community, in particular, is an immense help as I work through this challenge.

I am so thankful Karma Teachers was open right through the holidays, because Christmas Eve was an emotionally challenging day for me.  I started my day off on the right foot though, with a  Hatha class taught by Elizabeth Bion.  The sequence of Warrior Poses she lead us through seemed particularly relevant to my struggle and I carried that strength with me through the rest of the day.  Through the words Elizabeth shared with us during our practice, I came to an intention for the day: let go. with grace. have faith. listen more than you speak

¤ due to limited range of motion, this is my version of warrior ii virabhadrasana ii for now ¤

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