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Throwback Thursday

Throwback Thursday – Seven years ago on this very day (well the very day that Jan 7th occurred on back in 2009) I was on a wintry roadtrip from Toronto to Thunder Bay, with my friends Rachel and Zack.  Leaving Toronto just before midnight we alternated driving the 400 series and Central Ontario highways overnight so that we could see Lake Superior by daylight.  One person would drive, while the others slept (or in my case, read books).  By 10AM we had been in the car for roughly 10 hours stopping only for occasional bathroom breaks.  Looking to stretch our legs and get some fresh air, we pulled over at an incredibly snow-covered scenic picnic area in Lake Superior Provincial Park for a mini-adventure!  For about an hour we hiked through hip-deep snow on the Old Woman River and walked the rocky shoreline of Old Woman Bay.

BONUS Throwback Thursday – Roughly a year ago (TBT fell on Jan 8th, 2015) my Throwback Thursday post was about the breakfast Rachel and I had the next morning, after arriving in Thunder Bay!


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