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Moto-Monday: Learning to Ride

I’ve always been passionate about motorcycles and other motor-driven machines (snowmobiles, tractors, riding lawn & agriculture equipment etc) and I’ve been fixing up vintage motorcycles for the last few years.  I’m an avid and experienced moto-passenger but for some reason I hadn’t yet learned how to ride by myself…

…WELL I’m finally learning to ride a motorcycle!

Our new 1.5 acre on Vancouver Island is the perfect place to learn how to ride.  In the front, our long paved driveway has two parking turnouts – a great place for learning to accelerate, decelerate or turn on pavement.  Our backyard is a perfect minibike offroading track with a forest section, a hill section, a sand section and a grass lawn big enough to practice figure 8s.

My partner’s two 1980s Honda Trail CT70s are great little bikes to learn on.  One 1980 CT70 has a semi-automatic 3-speed transmission, perfect to learn balance and throttle control on.  Graduating to the other 1983 which has a 125cc engine and learning to shift with the 4-speed manual gearbox will prove more challenging, as it’s a wheelie machine!


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