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Wellness Wednesday

A few weeks ago, I introduced some of my wellness goals, including my mantra for recovery which is: EAT SLEEP BREATHE!  Working on the ‘eat’ component lately, I’ve been asking my friends for basic, healthy, easy and affordable recipe suggestions.

Tawnya‘s suggestion was less of a recipe and more of a statement:
“Breakfast for dinner? Eggs, toast, bacon.”

I’ve personally chosen to interpret her suggestion as “Breakfast for dinner? lunch? any meal?” and have started eating breakfast bagel sandwiches round the clock.  Because I shop for my ingredients at local markets, farms and businesses I’ve decided to call my sandwich ‘the Local’.  I’ve created two different versions for the two places I spend my time in:

‘the Local’ #HamOnt style

Locke St Bakery Cheddar Herb Bagel
Chanoki Cheese via Cheese Shoppe on Locke
Simpler Thyme Organic Farm Eggs
Locke St Meats Genoa Salami
Mustard Seed Local Bounty Box Greens

‘the Local’ #StCath style

The Bagel Oven Montreal-Style Bagel
Upper Canada Cheese’s Guernsey Girl
Town & Country Eggs via Farmer Joe
Pilgrims Meats Home-Cured Pork Belly
Victory Organic Greens


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