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Fashion Friday

Fashion Friday: WORD ON THE STREET

#WhatImWearing #WIWT #androfemme #femmepowerment

What I’m rocking to perform spoken word on the Guelph Poetry Slam Grand Slam Finals Stage!

Olga Road’s The Waldron     {pins: Zaccheus Jackson & VersesFestival}

My leather jacket is a year round wardrobe staple for me.  With a layer or two underneath it is waterproof & windproof to withstand all the rough winter weather I can handle, and alone it’s light enough to keep out as an all-season shell.  A classic leather jacket is an incredibly versatile piece of clothing, able to fit many different personalities and fashion tastes.  It is always a given that a good leather jacket will look great with whatever you happen to be wearing.  Looking tough and edgy with jeans and a simple tank or slouchy pullover; looking fashionable layered over a floral skirt or loose pants & flip-flops; looking sexy with leggings and high-heels.  We love a bomber leather jacket layered over a vintage-style sweater, a button-front shirt and bowtie.  Personally, my leather jacket is also tied to my identity –  growing up I mostly learned to dress myself from intergenerational greasers in my neighbourhood, first performed in punk houses, dated (self-identified) rock stars, discarding and picking up bits of clothing and style as I went.  I ride motorcycles and many of my dearest friends & lovers ride, so in that sense it’s also a practicality.

The Waldron Jacket, by Olga Road is one-of-a-kind bomber jacket, handmade on Orcas Island, Washington from upcycled materials.

Upcycled is a relatively new term which basically means recycled but without changing its form. Traditional recycling involves a lot of energy and resources to reuse the materials.   Upcycling on the other hand, is more like reusing, not requiring nearly as much energy.  Olga Road’s leather jackets originate as used leather trench coats. These trench coats are sorted and examined to identify unique qualities. When a unique design feature of the original trench coat is identified, it is incorporated into the design of the new jacket. – The Process

Roots Cabin Sweater

My mum got me this sweater for Christmas after I confessed a love of “sock-monkey socks” and I must say it’s incredibly cozy and has quickly become one of my favourites!  My mum tells me that the line appeared to run big and I’m a short 5’4 w narrow shoulders, so she elected to get me the childrens side XL – shoulder width, sleeve length and hip all fit fine on me.  As one reviewer on the roots website said:  It feels like a warm hug on a cold day and will be my favourite “grandpa” sweater for the upcoming cold Ontario winter.

Lush Cosmetics’ Decisive Lipstick

I like to rock a moderately androgynous style, mixing traditionally masculine elements (leather jacket, grandpa sweater) with feminine makeup (red lips, accentuated eyebrows).  LUSH‘s Canadian, handmade, vegetarian cosmetics have always been my preferred line and this vegan lipstick is no exception!  Wanting to play with the bright red pops in my sweater, I was ‘Decisive‘ when choosing this pin-up, vintage cherry red!   I agree with one reviewer on the site who said: “I have pale skin and have trouble finding reds that don’t turn out bright or orange. This is a blue red and turns out for me the perfect vintage pin up red. To dramatic for everyday wear but for a special occasion it’s eye catching.”  Another reviewer agreed: “It suits my fair skin AND would suit anyone (warm or cool toned, dark or light)” and a third added: “I’ve been on the hunt for the perfect “Black Girl Friendly” red lipstick for my whole life.”  I personally don’t like to feel like I’m wearing makeup, with a particular distaste for anything sticky or glossy, but this lipstick really delivered. Not heavy or sticky on my lips, it stayed fresh all night, feeling moisturizing and smooth.  I found the bright colour long lasting, if anything it lingered a bit when I tried to remove it.


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