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Fashion Friday

I might not seem like the type to follow fashion trends but I get many comments on my always-changing, unique clothing and style.  I enjoy playing with clothing as an everyday form of dress-up and like to change things up!  One of the ways I like to play with fashion trends without falling victim to consumerism is by eyeing colour trends and then shopping my own closet, finding “trendy” colourful items.

“COLOR has always been an integral part of how a culture expresses the attitudes and emotions of the times.” – Celebrate Color, PCI

The Pantone Color Institute‘s annual report is a great place to start!  Every year they publish a palette of colours that supposedly connect with the season’s zeitgeist or something.  Whatever the research and motivation for the larger fashion industry, I find consulting the palette a great way to freshen up what I’m choosing and pairing from my already existing wardrobe.

Pantone 2015 - Marsala Moving away from the bright colourful trends of the last few years, 2015’s Color of the Year is “a naturally robust and earthy wine red” that they’ve called Marsala.  While not everyone in the blogosphere loves the colour, I happen to really like Marsala and it’s Spring 2015 colour companions.  This post is going to show a shirt and some accessories that I just pulled from my closet but I think the colour has a remarkable range: I can picture wearing it on my lips or painting my walls.
pantone 2015 fashion report As you can see in the pictures below, a quick rustle through my closet actually produced quite a few Marsala (or almost, an exact match isn’t necessary) coloured clothing items and accessories!  In some shades and interpreted by some designers, Marsala is coming off almost oxblood which has always been one of my classic favourites.  While a super intense, rich colour, it also reads as a neutral.

In this season’s “trendy” colour I found a long sleeved crew neck t-shirt, a leather belt, a pair of canvas and cork flats, a beaded wooden necklace, some earrings made of garden beans and a patterned bandanna.
I’ve owned most of these items for the better part of 10 years, but rotating them through my daily wear now will have me looking on-trend without breaking the bank!  Branching out into some of the Spring 2015 complimentary colours I added a Custard leather purse and an Ikat (textile) button-down patterned in Marsala and Classic Blue with Classic Blue glasses to boot!

Let me know in the comments below, what trendy Marsala items you find in your closet!


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