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Wellness Wednesday

My “New Years Resolutions” or “Goals for 2015” involve healthy lifestyle changes to support a healthier mind!

I, like many people today, struggle with mental & behavioral health – facing stress, post-concussion syndrome, OCD, depression, anxiety, relationship problems, grief, addiction, mood disorders, cognitive impairment or other psychological concerns. Everyone’s path through these challenges will be different, but on Wellness Wednesdays I will work through examples of common solutions that some may find helpful.

Mental health is not just an absence of mental disorder but a state of positive well-being!

How can we hope to achieve a healthy mental lifestyle when we’re not even managing the basics of daily life?

I personally have to start RIGHT BACK AT THE BEGINNING and work my way from the ground up…

During a number of different poetry workshops, group therapy, individual counseling sessions and even friendly conversations, it has become obvious that my problems often root back to the fact that I rarely eat or sleep properly and I don’t even take the time to breathe!¬† This should be obvious… y’d think? But apparently I need it spelled out for me: it is important to my mental & physical health that I take care of myself!

eat sleep breatheIn a poetry master-class lead by d’bi.young anitafrika and in a mental health life-skills workshop at the NHS Day Hospital I was challenged both times to write a motto or mantra for my recovery.
Someday I hope to live by a more complex concept but for today there are just 3 words that I live by:

HUMANS have BASIC physiological NEEDS
I plan to take care of mine!
breathe / drink water
eat / nutrition
sleep / shelter
personal hygine
clothing oneself


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