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Home Office – Mood Board

I’m currently in the process of updating the front spare room and adjoining bathroom of my old victorian house into a library / home-office, outfitted mostly with wooden furniture that I found on the curb!  The top right mood board shows my thoughts for a personal writing space.  I love to write letters and postcards by hand, so my writing desk is a warm smooth wooden former school desk with a ridge for my pen and glasses.  Ideas to freshen things up?  Incorporate antique photographs and a few fabric flowers or scarves with the room’s existing decor and books.  My little bathroom under the stairs already has the clawfoot tub (left mood board), and I love to read and drink tea in the bath – ideas to freshen things up?  Bring in a fern, a wooden clothes rack, perhaps a decorative teacup!

I’ve always enjoyed making collages – layer on layer of images, text, paper, ephemera, magazines, anything I could get my hands on .. really .. and sure 3D tactile design boards would have a higher impact, using all the sensations, if I were doing something like a design pitch, a style illustration, a storyboard… but I’m just re-arranging my home office 😉  I enjoy playing around on Polyvore whenever I have a few minutes.  Using their online interface makes digital mood boards a remarkably easy and quick process.

This is what my ideal home office would look like if I could just make it appear from scratch:

That’s right – a turret, an art studio, a grand hall, a guest suite w balcony, a kitchen & a glass sitting area!
It would overlook the Eiffel Tower and feature matching bright yellow industrial metal furniture with flaxen aged wooden windowframes.  I’ve already picked out the typographical artwork and a ladybug paperweight and the shoes I’ll wear on my first day.  Is this ever likely to happen? No of course not 😉 but whimsical aspirations are something to strive towards, to be motivated by and to inspire the small design elements I can actually use in my home now.  Ahhh  *sigh* one can dream!


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