DIY / Outlaw

Friday the 13th

I figured a Friday the 13th in September would be the perfect kickoff to the Halloween season!  I’ve already seen decorations and costumes in stores and Halloween itself is pretty much exactly 7 weeks away.  That may seem like a long time to some people, but Halloween is like my Christmas.  I adore dress-up, nighttime, rituals of the occult, stories of the paranormal and all things Victorian-era so it’s like this holiday was tailor made for me!  I’m not one for the consumerist bent: I don’t buy candy or pre-made cheap costumes – I make everything myself, which is why 7 weeks doesn’t actually seem that long.  I’ll be spending that time making decorations, daydreaming of costumes (I have a huge adult dress-up box, so at this point I don’t have to buy anything, just assemble things), and baking treats!

To start things off:

The farmers market had some fantabulously coloured mini pumpkins and so my autumn decorating has begun!  Bugaboo Blog once posted a charming tutorial explaining how to make this mod podged mini pumpkins for fall and Halloween decor.  I wanted to make something I can place out now for festive colour that will also have a more  sinister feel as we get into October.  I picked out pumpkins in great white, orange and green and used tissue paper that has a darker essence with rich purple/gold on some and black letters on others but isn’t distinctly halloween-y so I can put them out now.  Kimberly covers her whole pumpkins in tissue, but I wanted the vivid original colours to be hilighted.


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