Urban agriculture

Harvesting Peppers

‘Tis the season for an abundance of lovely homegrown produce!  Today I harvested so many various sweet and hot peppers that I ran out of arms and containers to carry them all!  Unfortunately, ’cause most of my pepper plants at home were fished out of the compost pile or were volunteer pop-ups, I’m not quite sure what all the varieties are!  I know there are sweet bananas, hot bananas, gypsy peppers, purple bells, some kind of long tapered pepper, some kind of ..sheepnose? pepper, cherry bombs, and scotch bonnets.  People have commented that I pick my peppers green even if they might turn orange or red – I LOVE green peppers!!  I’m lucky to live very close to a greenhouse that grows crisp, crunchy, hydroponic red/orange/yellow bells more beautifully than I ever could, but I’m not a fan of hydroponic green peppers.  So in my garden I focus on growing a variety of thick and thin walled sweet green peppers : )   It has also been a cold season here, so I’m not sure they’d ripen to full colour anyways.  Check back tomorrow for a great stuffed pepper menu / idea!


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